Department of Conservation Camping Passes

At Mighty, we’re continuously looking at ways that we can help you have the best time whilst on your travels throughout New Zealand. We understand that getting off the beaten track and experiencing nature is very important for our customers. 

DOC campsites are unique in New Zealand. Their core focus on conservation and sustainability means that not only will you have access to their network of over 250 campsites located in some of New Zealand’s most unique locations, but you will also be ensuring that your impact on the environment is kept to a bare minimum. DOC campsite passes are available from our branches when you check out your campervan rental.

When booking your camper, don't forget to add on a DOC pass - where you can buy a one-week pass for up to seven nights at one or multi DOC campsites around New Zealand. If you would like to find out more about the do’s and don’ts about where you can and can’t park up in New Zealand, check out our freedom camping in New Zealand page.