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Dog-Friendly Campervan Travel

- Travel with your much loved pets (cats included!)

Planning an adventure for the whole clan? We know that your furry pals are part of the family too, and Mighty loves pets! We think one of the best parts about a campervan trip is the fact you can take your best friends along for the adventure. Each Mighty camper can comfortably host two well-behaved, registered dogs or cats. Read on for everything you need to know about having a Mighty Camper holiday with your pets in tow!

Booking a campervan rental with pets

Mighty makes travelling with your pet as easy as it gets. Book a camper and hit the open road with your furry friend on board. Check out our campervan options confidently, knowing whichever model you choose, your furry friend can come along!

Just add a pet fee at the time of the booking. A $200 fee per hire applies for travel up until 31 March 2022. From 01 April 2022, a cost of $299 will apply. This fee ensures that we deep clean the camper after your rental before the next customer picks it up. We ask that your pets be flea-treated before your trip, and toilet-trained pets are essential!

Planning a pet-friendly campervan trip

Where to stay

When travelling with pets, it is vital to plan. Make sure you check to see where pets are allowed along your intended route in advance. The thl Roadtrip App allows you to search for pet-friendly campgrounds. Download the app today and check out all of the cool spots you can travel to and explore with your furry friends.

Many National Parks in New Zealand and nearby campsites will not allow pets on site. Make sure to check first on the Department of Conservation's website before you visit. New Zealand is home to an abundance of wildlife and many native birds are endangered, making for strict rules to protect them.

Pets can come too is another great resource to use when looking for the best pet-friendly spots to take your camper. Many privately owned campsites would be happy to have your pet stay.

What to pack for your pet

Remember to pack for your pets too. Check out our list of recommendations to pack for your pet.

  1. Pet seat belt or harness... Make sure your pet is safe and secure when travelling, this avoids driver distraction too!
  2. A bed... a bed is important to provide a feeling of comfort and familiarity in a new environment for your pet.
  3. Pet food... Most campers are kitted out with a small fridge so if needed, pet food can be kept fresh along your adventure.
  4. Pet toys... Make sure your pet is entertained along your travels, especially if you have long drive times!
  5. Water and food bowls... our campers are packed with all the dishes and cutlery needed for human guests, but you'll need to bring your bowls for your pet.
  6. Pet poop bags... be sure to pick up after your pets along your travels.
  7. Leash and a long lead... Even the most well-trained pets might be required to go on a leash at certain attractions and campgrounds.
  8. Pet towels... To clean grubby paws or dry after a post-beach wash.
  9. Tent pegs... So, you can easily secure your pet's leash around the campsite when needed.
  10. Pet jackets or blankets... or anything else to keep your pets warm, cool and comfortable.

Picking up and dropping off your camper at the branch

When picking up and dropping off your camper, we kindly ask that your pet be secure on a lead and supervised by an adult outside of our branch.

You can easily pick up your pet-friendly campervan from most of our branches - Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown. 

Rest easy knowing that our helpful team will make sure you know how to use your vehicle before you head out on the open road.

During your road trip

We want to make sure you get the most out of your camper, and we appreciate you taking good care of your rental vehicle.

Please make sure that your pets are clean and dry before entering the motorhome.

Your pet must be safe and in a secure spot when you start driving. We don't provide any harnesses or restraints to help them feel more comfortable, so please make sure you pack whatever they need to keep them secure on the road! We also don't supply plastic bags or bins, so be prepared to properly dispose of any droppings.

And remember, any costs that may arise from damage and soiling caused by your pets will not be covered under the liability reduction option. Any related fees are the responsibility of the hirer.

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