Stunning Photos of New Zealand

One of the most breathtaking countries in the world, the intrepid traveller will find the north and south islands of New Zealand offer unparalleled natural beauty, high adventure, and exceptional quality food and wine. (If you don't believe us check out some of the photos below.)

Ben Lomond 2.jpg

With stunning, rugged mountains and excellent ski fields, ancient forests, huge waterfalls, glaciers, magical pristine beaches and an abundance of unique wildlife New Zealand has an unmatchable magic.

Approximately 2000km southeast of Australia in the Pacific Ocean, for the size of the country, the diversity of landscape is astounding. With it's whales, dolphins, seals, a multitude of many and varied species of birds, soaring sand and limestone cliffs, and incredible vistas, it's no wonder New Zealand was chosen as the back drop for modern-day movie epic The Lord of The Rings.

Bush walking ("tramping") is a highlight of any New Zealand holiday experience, taking visitors deep into protected parks to catch a glimpse of the Earth as she was before humans made their mark. It's no wonder the fern is the national symbol of New Zealand – you'll find walls of dripping ferns along many walking tracks, like a flash back to prehistoric times.

You cannot get a bad sunset in New Zealand, and with mountain ranges framing almost every photo, even a drive down the highway becomes a memorable scenic adventure.

Hole in The Rock 2.jpg

Kiwi's are notorious thrill-seekers, so on a trip to New Zealand you'll have any number of opportunities to try crazy, adrenalin-filled action sports including bungy jumping, jet boating, kayaking, or even ice picking up a glacier, to name just a few.

Glacier Guides Explorer 2.jpg

Nevis Bungy 2.jpg

New Zealand may look small on a map but this amazing, unspoiled island country on the edge of the world has so much to offer you'll need to allow plenty of time to get a taste of it.

Bush, beach, mountains, rivers, the scale and majesty of this place will blow you away.

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It's no wonder the "I Love New Zealand" t-shirt is a best seller. There's magic here that sinks in through your skin and touches the heart and soul.

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