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Everything You Need To Start Planning Your Campervan Roadtrip

New Zealand is a country of huge diversity, and around every corner, there's a new adventure waiting for you. If you're looking for a way to explore New Zealand on your terms, there's no better way than with the freedom and flexibility of a Mighty campervan. Pick a start and finish point, and travel at your own speed discovering all the hidden local secrets along the way. To get you started, we've put together all you need to help plan your adventure in New Zealand, from destination guides to travel tips, to get you out on the road discovering our backyard and ticking off some of New Zealand's top natural attractions.

29 Jun 2022

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Best South Island Campgrounds

If you’re thinking about exploring New Zealand’s South Island on a road trip, you’re in for a treat. Whether you are seeking a thrilling adventure or a relaxing nature retreat, you’re never far from either in New Zealand’s South Island.
Travelling in a campervan is a great way to take advantage of the incredible camping in New Zealand. However, with hundreds of stunning camping options on the South Island, it can be hard to decide where to go. To help you plan your perfect road trip around New Zealand...

26 Jun 2022

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Best Cheap/Free Things To Do In Rotorua

Rotorua is an incredible place to spend a few days exploring during your New Zealand road trip. Located at the heart of New Zealand’s North Island, in the Bay of Plenty region, heading to Rotorua is a pleasant three-hour drive down the Thermal Explorer Highway from the Mighty Auckland branch.
Home to majestic geysers, action-packed activities to get your adrenaline pumping, and rich Māori culture, Rotorua is a must-see destination on any road trip through New Zealand. Experiencing an epic holiday...

24 Jun 2022

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10 Reasons To Take A New Zealand Campervan Trip With Friends In 2022

They say that happiness is only real when shared. Luckily, we agree. What better experience to share than to rent a van to travel and explore the top things to do in New Zealand. A New Zealand campervan holiday is not only an opportunity to explore the beauty that this mountainous country has to offer, but it’s also an opportunity to connect with friends and make lifelong memories.
Jam-packed with festivals, adrenaline-fuelled adventures and insta-worthy natural attractions, New Zealand is the perfect...

24 Jun 2022

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15 Best Things to do in the South Island of New Zealand

New Zealand is a destination brimming with jaw-dropping scenery and unique experiences for all types of travellers. This island nation is packed with things to do, from pristine sandy beaches and a hive of geothermal activity on the North Island to snow-capped mountains and charming alpine towns in the South. And there’s no better way to explore than by camper.
There is something for everyone, whether you’re keen to tick off the iconic sights, tour world-class wineries, climb challenging mountain...

24 Apr 2022

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How Much Does it Cost to Travel NZ in a Camper?

A New Zealand campervan holiday is a bucket list item for many visitors (and locals!). From our vibrant cities boasting top restaurants and boutique shopping to our picture-postcard landscapes that are so incredible they feature in Hollywood movies, it’s easy to see why.
With such a variety of exciting things to do and see in New Zealand within a short drive, the very best way to make the most of it is with a campervan hire. And best of all, you can tailor a campervan holiday in New Zealand to suit...

17 Mar 2022

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Best Autumn Travel Destinations In New Zealand

Taking a New Zealand road trip offers up a bucket list of adventure at any time of year. But if you like the idea of exploring New Zealand when there are fewer tourists, then you simply can’t beat travelling in a Mighty camper during the autumn months.Benefits of travelling New Zealand in autumn
Summer is the peak time for a campervan holiday in New Zealand, while the cooler autumn months of March, April, and May (excluding the Easter/ANZAC school holiday period) tends to be quieter with fewer crowds...

21 Jan 2022

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22 Instagram-Worthy Stops On The Drive From Christchurch to Queenstown

Taking off around the South Island? Don't forget to bring along your camera! As one of New Zealand's most scenic routes, the trip between Christchurch and Queenstown demands plenty of stops along the way to take in the views. The drive takes around 6 hours (482km) if travelling direct. However, we reckon you could stretch it out to a few days, or even weeks, to really enjoy all the possibilities and freedom your campervan offers. Take a few detours, and get a real taste of what the South Island offers...

23 Dec 2021

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Top Tips for Travelling New Zealand on a Budget

As well as having a reputation for breathtaking scenery, fun activities and delicious food and wine, New Zealand has a bit of a reputation for being an expensive country to spend time in. Have you heard about that? If so, don't worry! While a trip around New Zealand can be costly, travelling across New Zealand doesn't have to break the bank.
Read on for our ten top tips for travelling around New Zealand on a budget. You might be surprised at how you can make your money stretch and still have a fantastic...

15 Dec 2021

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A Local's Guide To Raglan

The coastal town of Raglan is located on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island. It’s a mere 2-hour drive from the city of Auckland and 30 minutes away from Hamilton. It’s a vibrant surf town with a whole lot of charm, well worth putting on your New Zealand travel itinerary. Raglan’s locals are truly living the dream in and around the water all day, every day. And although you can find a touch of luxury in Raglan, exploring this town doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are the best things...

6 Dec 2021

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Budget Friendly Campsites In New Zealand

Whether you're a kiwi looking to hit the road and explore more of New Zealand, or planning a quintessential road trip from overseas, you will be spoilt for choice with impressive motorhome campsites here in New Zealand.
Campsites in New Zealand are renowned for their spaciousness, well-equipped facilities, and beautiful landscapes. Across New Zealand, you are bound to find a campsite suited to your travel needs as well as your budget!Why New Zealand campgrounds are so good
Campervan campgrounds have...