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10 Campervan Tips for Tasmanian Adventures

Tasmania AU campervan driving

Tasmania is the southernmost state of Australia, best known for its dramatic coastlines, unspoiled wilderness and culinary delights. With over 40 percent of the island consisting of wild and breathtaking national parks and reserves, Tasmania self drive tours make it easy to experience all that this incredible state has to offer.

Whether it’s hiking, mountain biking, learning about local heritage, fishing, trying one of the many adventure activities, shopping or eating great food - there’s something for everyone.

There are so many things to consider when travelling by campervan through the wild southern state. We’ve put together this list of our top ten tips for a Tasmanian campervan adventure, so you can have all the know-how for your upcoming road trip.

1. Research exciting places to visit 

As one of the smallest states in Australia, Tasmania packs a punch with things to do. Within a few hours’ drive, you can hike heritage-listed peaks, mountain bike in world-class downhill parks, immerse yourself in the history and culture of world-renowned museums, or spend your days exploring a huge variety of national parks and attractions.

With so much to choose from, researching the places you want to visit in advance will help you make the most out of your driving holiday in Tasmania whilst staying within budget. Choosing a mix of paid and low-cost/free Tasmania attractions is a great way to ensure you get out in nature to experience the wilder sides of this southern state. There are so many places to see and explore, including:

As you can see, there are many options. It really comes down to what your interests are.

2. Make a budget before you leave 

While budgeting requires a bit of additional planning, it is the best way to make sure you don’t overspend and get the most out of your campervan adventure. There are a few things to consider when creating a holiday budget for your Tasmanian road trip, including:

  • Petrol - Map out your kilometres to get an estimate of costs.
  • Food - How many meals will you make in your camper vs eating out?
  • Drinks - Will you buy drinks out or keep them in the camper?
  • Caravan parks - Will you stay at holiday parks every night? Or try a mix of free camping?
  • Leisure money - Research your bucket list activities and estimate how much these will cost.
  • National parks pass - This is essential if you want to travel to see some of the best Tasmania attractions.

3. Choose a convenient time to visit 

Wineglass Bay

Tasmania is generally much cooler year-round than other parts of Australia. If you want to travel while it’s warm, it's best to plan a trip during the Tasmanian summer months from December to February. Summer is a good time to visit if you’re planning to take part in a lot of outdoor activities - especially going hiking in places like Cradle Mountain, which can become dangerous in the winter months.

It's important to note that snow can be possible between April and August. Travelling in a campervan does get cold at night in these months, and some hiking tracks may be shut. For this reason, the Mighty Hobart branch is closed between 1 July and 31 August. Be sure to factor this into your plans.

4. Plan your Tasmania road trip on a map 

Planning a route before you leave is the best way to ensure your Tasmanian road trip is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. This will also help you account for how much money you’ll need for things like transport, fuel, and how long you might want to spend at each destination.

To begin exploring the beauty of this island state you can choose to fly to Hobart, Tasmania and pick up your camper from the Mighty Hobart branch. Alternatively, you can pick up your motorhome from one of the other Mighty branches as part of a larger trip. In that case, you’ll come across on the Spirit of Tasmania ferry.

It's a good idea to map your route using a road trip itinerary planner such as the thl Roadtrip app. This road trip itinerary planner is a one-stop shop to help plan your trip. It can show you everything from campgrounds, free campsites, free things to do, water fill-ups, Tasmania attractions, and more. It's a great way to make sure you don't miss a beat while exploring the incredible beauty that an Australian road trip offers.

5. Pack for any weather 

Cradle mountainImage source: Tasmania image gallery

Unlike many parts of Australia, Tasmania has four distinct seasons. The summer months between December and March generally remain cool - fluctuating between 17°C and 23°C, while winter temperatures average between 3°C and 11°C. However, with 40 percent of the landmass being rainforest, it is still prone to sudden changes in weather.

Regardless of what season you visit, it's good to pack a variety of clothes for these sudden weather changes. If you’re planning to spend a lot of time hiking it’s important to consider what hiking items to pack for these cooler climates. Also, it’s a good idea to pack books and games to keep yourself occupied inside if the weather is bad. Some items to consider when packing for a camper trip to Tasmania include:

  • Rain jacket
  • Towels and swimmers
  • Day pack
  • Hiking boots
  • Insect repellent
  • A jumper or light layers (even in summer)
  • Sunscreen

6. Make the most of free things to do in Tasmania 

What may seem like small costs can quickly add up, so it’s good to integrate a mix of free things to do in Tasmania to help stretch your budget like:

7. Book your Tasmania caravan park spot in advance

 Mighty campervan in caravan park

It's a good idea to book your campsite in advance, so you don’t pay more than you bargained for at the last minute. This is especially important during peak holiday times when caravan parks are at their peak times and prices.

There are loads of caravan parks across Tasmania, with a lot of them having powered camping sites available. Tasmania is also home to some of the best free camping spots in Australia. In saying that, it's important to include a mix of caravan parks so you can recharge your 12V battery.

 8. Find out where nearby dump points are

One of the biggest perks of travelling in a campervan is having a toilet with you. Using your onboard toilet is just one of the ways you can do your bit to keep Tasmania beautiful!

There are dump stations at a range of locations across Tasmania. Keeping a list on hand of dump stations will ensure you’re not caught out when you’re out exploring. The thl Roadtrip app is a great resource for finding dump stations while on the road. Some are free, whereas others require a donation. It’s worth carrying some coins just in case.

9. Mix up your meals by dining in and out of your camper

Person cooking in campervan

There are lots of amazing things to eat and drink in Tasmania. However, there are some uniquely Tasmanian foods that you don't want to miss, such as the quintessential scallop pie. While you may want to plan a few meals out, eating out for every meal will add up quickly. So, it's important to have a few campervan-friendly recipes planned. This is a great way to enjoy local ingredients without the price tag of eating out every night.

Try to stock up on food and ingredients when you’re in the more populated areas with larger supermarkets. Buying snacks that have a long shelf life like nuts and seeds means you’ll always have snacks available. When adventuring daily, it can also be a great time saver to cook large dinners so that you have enough leftovers for lunch the next day.

10. Check out the epic events in Tasmania

Tasmania has an incredible lineup of events and festivals running year-round, including markets, garden concerts, performances and cultural showcases. There are also natural events to experience such as the Aurora Australis/Southern Lights and humpback whales travelling north from the Freycinet Peninsula. Check out what’s on when you’re visiting with the Discover Tasmania event calendar. Some of the highlights of Tasmanian events include:

These are just some of the highlights. It’s well worth doing your own research.

Turn your Tasmanian holiday into an adventure with Mighty 

Tasmania is a wild and beautiful place worthy of any travel bucket list holiday. With so many things to do within such a short distance of one another, Tasmania is the perfect destination to explore in a campervan.

If you’re ready to rent a van to travel this wild landscape for yourself, check out all our latest deals and book your Mighty camper today. If you’re looking for other ways to get the most out of your Tasmanian road trip, then be sure to check out our blog or speak to one of the incredible staff at Mighty Hobart branch.