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Northern Exposure - Brisbane To Cairns

Whatever you want to call it “The Pacific Way” or “Northern Exposure” this 1,682km trip showcases all that is wonderful about Australian life and natural beauty on our eastern ocean shore. While it’s around 19 hours drive, you could make this trip last as long as you want, because there is plenty to see and do and your Mighty Camper is the ideal way to do it.

With no motel bills and the freedom to go where you want, your Mighty allows you to shape your own trip, not be forced into a cookie cutter tour that someone else thought up. Because you can so travel light and comfortably and because it’s such great value you can travel further and longer.

Anyway, here is a list of some of the places we might visit, but your plan is up to you. After all that’s the whole idea of a Mighty Camper holiday.

We also know you will discover your own special favourites and when you do we’d love to hear about them.


There, we said it. Because it is nice. Pull the Mighty Camper over and scan some boutiques, have a bite in Hastings St or stretch your legs with a walk around the headland in the National Park. The best-kept secret is the beach north of Noosa, but you’ll need a 4WD to get in there. It’s incredible unspoilt camping and you will feel like you are a million miles from anywhere except that you are not. If you don’t want to go that extreme, you could stay the night at the Noosa North Shore Beach Campground which is right on the beach and really beautiful in a delightful old school way.

Australia Zoo

While this is a bit of a diversion from the highway, that’s the whole reason you take a Mighty Camper holiday isn’t it? Even though does have its cheesy aspects, Australia Zoo is a great way to see animals up close and active and learn more about them. It’s also a testament to “crocodile hunter” Steve Irwin’s genuine love for animals and a leading centre for animal conservation and research. Part of this, is the length the staff go to in keeping animals mentally as well as physically active. While the croc display is not to be missed, there is an incredible range of animals, Australian and otherwise, from swimming tigers to incredible birds. So swing your Mighty Camper left when you are heading north and you won’t regret it.


Fraser Island

Sure you’ve hardly left Brisbane but Fraser Island is drop your sandwich beautiful and justly world famous. If you are not in a 4WD, the 2WD Mighty camper will have to stay at the ferry terminal while you take a tour for the day. Lake McKenzie and Eli Creek (which you can float down in a tyre) are the most popular swimming spots, but the island has over 100 of these so there are a few choices. With it all there’s amazing white sand, clear water, wandering dingoes and room to imagine that you are a cast away and it’s all yours. It’s a big “must do”.

Bundaberg Distillery

Where there’s cane there’s cane sugar and where there’s cane sugar there’s nearly always rum. In Australia’s case, that means Bundaberg Rum. While “Bundy” does have a heritage of 20,000 B & S balls you might be interested to know that their Rum Solera just won best dark rum at the 2017 World Drinks Awards in London. Just saying. Anyway the distillery tour is great. The distillery itself is set amidst a 500-acre park and you can sample, of course. Pop a couple of cans of Coke in the Mighty Camper fridge and you’re ready for any future emergency. Say it’s our culture. Claim it on the business. Do it for a brother who couldn’t be there. Do whatever, but make sure you go there.

Mon Repos Turtle Hatchery

If there’s a beautiful thing in the world it’s the sight of these huge creatures, suddenly vulnerable on land, returning each year to lay their eggs in the place where they were born. When you think that only one in a thousand survives to maturity sure puts a new perspective on your struggles at the office. The turtles only lay their eggs between early November and mid March, but this is truly worth seeing. An even greater thrill is to return 6 to 8 weeks later to see the hatchlings make their dash for the safety of the water while you can retreat to the safety of your Mighty Camper.


Unspoilt beauty in Sarina

Hadn’t heard of that had you? However if you are looking for a nice little place to stop, you could do a lot worse than Sarina. It’s a classic Aussie seaside town with a beautiful beach, honest fish and chips and sugar refinery stacks billowing steam into a flawless blue sky. A sort of, slightly faded niceness, that we find tremendously appealing. Have a walk around and take a shot with Buffy the cane toad in the main strip. Go on, we know you want to! After all, that’s the Mighty Camper code. Doing things you want just because you can.

Up close with a platypus. Eungella National Park

When you look at a platypus it’s strange to think that Pixar haven’t made a character out of one yet, but Eungella is billed as the “worlds most certain” place to see these elusive animals. You’ll have to be patient, as a platypus can hold its breath for up to 10 minutes, but bubbles and mud stirring can give a clue and the water is reasonably clear. Dusk and dawn on a cloudy day is the best viewing time, as platypus know they are vulnerable to birds of prey when in full sun. If you are keen you can even scuba to see platypus and other animals underwater - and don’t worry, nothing bites. There are also great walks in the park and if night does overtake you, that’s no problem since you have your Mighty Camper right there.

Wallaman Falls

This is Australia’s highest waterfall and drops 305 metres down an awe inspiring rock face that looks like it was created in a fantasy game. There are a number of walks around the park but it’s worth going to the base of the falls. A fit person can get to the bottom in about 30 minutes where you can swim. Coming back up is naturally more intense but in our mind the swim is a must. Because the rocks at the bottom are slippery, you need a good pair of shoes and thongs are not an option. If the climb up doesn’t get you warm your Mighty Camper can do that job and give you a hot cuppa or cold drink.

Not a movie set but better. Kuranda Scenic Railway

You’ll never go on a railway like this anywhere else in the world and that’s a promise we can back. In fact, it’s a promise world travelled railway experts make as well. This incredible trip takes about 2 hours each way, including a ten-minute stop at the awesome Barron Falls. You’ll cross deep gorges and be so close to waterfalls that the spray will hit the train, surrounded by lush rainforest that is like something out of King Kong, with time to wander around and shop the little heritage village of Kuranda. Of course you can always just drive to Kuranda in your Mighty Camper and do the trip the other way around. Mighty handy that.

Cool off in the green. Mossman Gorge

Mossman Gorge is about 20km from Port Douglas, but in another world as far as swimming spots go. When it’s hot and humid, it’s a delight to slip into cool, clear water swirling gently around the granite boulders and look up at a strip of clear blue sky fringed with tree tops either side. The water is safe to swim in all year because it is fresh and not home to saltwater crocodiles. The Mossman Gorge National Park also has some great walking tracks from a gentle stretch that will get you moving to more of a physical challenge. Maybe have a bit of lunch back at your Mighty Camper before you head back or maybe keep going to Cape Tribulation.

As we said at the start, these are just some of our suggestions and we’d love to have some of yours to add to the list.

The fact is a Mighty Camper holiday can lead you to some wonderful places that you can’t see any other way.

After all that’s the reason we do it.