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20 Reasons to Have an Aussie Campervan Adventure While You're Young (or Young at Heart)

There is something so uniquely special about travelling in Australia, from the expansive outback to the breathtakingly beautiful coastlines, there are so many things to do in Australia. One way we think everyone should explore Australia is to rent a van to travel in. This way, you get to see all the in-between towns and places, as well as experience way more Australian attractions that you may not have otherwise seen. Plus, with Australia’s weather so wonderful year-round, for us travelling in a campervan is a no-brainer… but we’re here to tell you exactly why that is with our 20 reasons why you should go on an Aussie campervan adventure while you’re young… or young at heart!


1. Make new friends for life

Van travel is a great way to make new friends. You’ll meet so many cool new people along the way, from the campgrounds you stay at, to the activities and attractions you do. When staying at campgrounds, the people around you at neighbouring campsites are usually easy to talk to and always up for a chat. This is the beauty of this style of travel. Whether you chat about the weather, the activities you’re planning or where you’re from, van travel opens you up to these conversations with people from all over… people that may end up becoming great friends for life.

2. Learn new skills

We’re pretty sure your road trip itinerary is going to be full of fun and exciting experiences that you may not have done before. Going on an Australian road trip in a campervan opens you up to a huge range of new experiences. Try your hand at the many activities, such as surfing, kitesurfing, kayaking, horse riding, white water rafting, diving, snorkelling and hiking through rainforests. Without a van trip, you may never have had the opportunity to enjoy these activities in some incredible locations. Plus, you never know… you may find a new hobby that you won’t want to give up, even when you’re back at home!

3. A great opportunity for self-discovery

There is something about travelling in a campervan that helps you to discover yourself more deeply. You’ll experience a new way of travelling and come across situations that you may not have been in before. From trying to find your way around in an unfamiliar town and living in a small space, to chatting with people from all walks of life, and pushing yourself to do activities that put you out of your comfort zone, it’s these kinds of situations that help you to grow as a person and can be some of the best moments in your trip.

4. Travel without spending a fortune

Travelling Australia in a campervan is also very cost-effective. You’re not having to purchase flights and accommodation, plus you have a kitchen on wheels so you’re not restricted to just eating takeaway or at restaurants. With all the savings you’ll be making, imagine all the extra experiences and attractions you can see and do! We’ve got some tips and tricks on how to stretch your travel budget even further!

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5. Freely explore nature

Being immersed in nature is an incredible experience, and it’s what van travel is all about. From getting lost on beautiful rainforest walks and discovering secluded beaches, to snorkelling through vibrant reefs and discovering freshwater swimming holes, Australia is full of incredible things to do to get you surrounded by lush natural backdrops. Check out some of our top places to visit to be surrounded by nature here!

6. Enjoy a relaxed daily lifestyle

Life on the road can be as fast or as slow as you would like it to be. You can drive a little slower, take a few extra days in places that you’ve found to love, and relax in nature. A campervan trip lets you escape the everyday hustle and bustle, do things on your own time and plan your own itinerary.

Choosing your own pace of adventures means that you can have a loose travel itinerary to follow, and if you turn up at a place that you don’t like, you can continue on, yet if you love the place you’ve arrived at, then you have the freedom to stay a little longer than planned… Sounds relaxing and stress-free right?!


7. You can take spontaneous trips

When you rent a travel van, you’re in control of your itinerary. That means, that whilst you may have set attractions and spots you’re excited to see, you’re also open to new and different opportunities that may arise when on the road. So, if you meet a couple that are raving about a small town not too far away, you have the freedom to stop by and see the town for yourself! With van travel you’re not worrying about catching flights and getting to and from an airport, or stuck staying at a hotel for a week. You can literally drive and move to the next stop whenever you feel like it, giving you complete freedom on your Australian road trip.

8. Discover places you’ve never seen before

Travelling in a campervan in Australia is a great way to see places you may never have seen before. The freedom of van travel invites you to take the road less travelled, drive new routes and stop at remote places along the way. A lot of these places, which aren’t easily accessible unless you are travelling in a van, can sometimes be the highlight of your entire trip that you will remember forever. From cute cafes to remote beaches and everything in between, travelling in a campervan opens you up to so many new and exciting places to see and visit.

9. Learn how to live with less

Van life is a simple life. You don’t have all the luxuries you may be used to, but you have all you need to be comfortable when on the road. Having less ‘stuff’ makes you appreciate the little things, and appreciate all that you have and the places you discover so much more. In your campervan, you have all you need to prepare simple yet delicious meals, as well as a comfortable bed and plenty of storage. Then, once you arrive at your campground, you’ll have access to all the campsite facilities available… so really, you have all you need, and get to visit and stay at some incredible locations which we think is a win-win.

10. Great opportunity to bond with your friends

Heading on a road trip with friends can be a wonderful and joyful experience. Your new memories together are sure to bring you even closer. From fun nights around the campfire to experiencing breathtaking views, you’ll go through it all. So, if you’re thinking about hiring a campervan with some good friends, go for it!

Hiring a campervan is the best way to travel in a group, and there are a great selection of shapes and sizes to choose from, as well as 4WD options for those who are seeking a little more adventure in their trip. If you’re unsure what kind of camper is best for you and your group, you can learn a little more about your options here, and when you’re ready to book, make sure you check out our epic deals.

11. You can travel with your pet

A lot of the time when we go travelling, our four-legged friends get left behind or shipped off to a pet hotel. One of the great things about travelling around Australia in a Mighty campervan is that your pets can come along for the ride! Many of the camping spots around Australia are pet friendly, and there are some great experiences, attractions and places you can go with your furry friends. We can all agree our pets make life all the better, so you can only imagine how fun travelling with your pet can be!

12. Easy to work while on the road

Imagine sitting down to your morning meeting, or getting through your seemingly endless list of emails, while sitting under a palm tree and enjoying views over white sandy beaches and blue shimmering water. Van travel offers this luxury as now more than ever it is so easy to work whilst on the road.

You can set up work whilst parked up at your powered camping site, head into the local library for a few hours if that’s more your style, or even find a park bench overlooking the ocean to set up. So not only will you be visiting some incredible places, but you’ll also be making some money along the way which we think is pretty great!

13. Less planning involved

If you’re looking for a getaway full of freedom and flexibility, then van travel is the way to go. Unlike catching flights and booking into hotels or Airbnbs, travelling by campervan is a much more flexible form of travel because while you may have a road trip itinerary, you don’t need to have set check-in times, or even set travel days. That way, if you arrive at a beautiful campsite in a cool town where you want to stay a few extra days, you simply can. That is the beauty of travelling in a campervan.

Imagine that, no more booking, confirming and double checking plane tickets, no more stressing about getting to the airport on time, and no more worrying about your luggage being overweight or simply just getting to your final destination. All these additional things you have to think about and plan are not necessary with life on the road.

14. Able to pack more stuff

Whilst it may seem unlikely, travelling in a campervan actually allows you to pack a little more into your bags. The reason being is that you don’t have those annoying luggage weight restrictions as you would with travelling via aeroplane. So those of you who want to take a few extra things, or want to add some of your favourite cooking spices or condiments, you can!


15. Great for mental health

Did you know that immersing yourself in nature is fantastic for your mental health? It can have fantastic results such as:

  • Improve your mood
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Improve self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Help you to feel more relaxed and calm
  • Improve your physical health

This is why travelling in a campervan around Australia can be so wonderful. Not only do you get to see some incredible places, but you also get to unplug, relax, get lost in nature and feel great!

16. Create unforgettable memories

Travelling the country in a campervan is one big adventure that will make unforgettable memories.Travelling in a campervan puts you out of your comfort zone and routine, and it encourages you to try new things and explore new places. It's these special moments that you’ll remember forever and will leave you with many travel stories of your adventures.

17. Unlock greater respect for nature

Travelling around Australia in a campervan will also unlock greater respect for this beautiful country and its vast landscape. There is an abundance of picturesque nature spots to discover, from pristine beaches all the way to red-sand deserts. When thinking about how to travel around Australia, it’s a good idea to add some educational tours and nature museums to your road trip itinerary so you can truly appreciate all that this place has to offer.

For example, if you’re planning on a campervan hire from Brisbane and heading north, then the Museum of Underwater Art is a must-do. This experience allows you to snorkel or dive through an underwater art show and is a great educational attraction that will have you appreciating life underwater all the more. Another wonderful experience is a Cape Tribulation beach and rainforest horse ride. You’ll get to discover an abundance of local flora and fauna as you weave through the majestic Daintree Rainforest on horseback, on your way to the secluded Myall Beach.

18. Learn about Australian culture

Travelling in a van around Australia is a great opportunity to learn about Australian culture through one of the many Aboriginal experiences that are available. There are so many great experiences to choose from including foraging for bush tucker along the Cape to Cape walking track, and the Cooktown Aboriginal Tours, which is a unique experience with traditional owners of the Balnggarrawarra people who invite you to visit their homelands and ancient rock art.

These experiences help you to gain a better cultural understanding in a fun and educational way, which is in turn beneficial for our future and generations to come so these stories and this culture is always remembered and respected.

19. Gain a newfound sense of independence

While it may not be obvious at first, we’re sure you’ll come to learn that travelling in a campervan gives you a newfound sense of independence. You’ll become more versatile in certain situations, and are all around better equipped to deal with the world. This might sound a little strange, but trust us when we say it’s a thing!

20. It’s less stressful

Last on our list of reasons to go on an Aussie campervan holiday is that travelling in a van can be a lot less stressful and less restrictive than other forms of travel. You get to skip all the stressful parts like getting to the airport on time, ensuring your luggage is within the weight restrictions, sorting out airport transfers and hire cars and checking in and out of your accommodation at the right times. You also have the luxury of not having to park and unpack at each new destination, and our favourite part – you can make your own schedule and be as flexible or as planned as you feel like each and every day.

The best way to see and do more is with a Mighty camper

So there you have it, our 20 reasons why you should have an Aussie campervan adventure while you’re young (or young at heart). From the places, you’ll see and the people you’ll meet, to the more relaxed you’ll be and the sense of independence you’ll feel, travelling in a campervan offers all of this and so much more.

If you’re ready to head off on your own adventure in a campervan then book your Mighty Camper today in a branch or online. If you’re wanting more travel inspiration about places to go and things to see, then head over to our blog to read more!