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Epic 7 Day Perth to Exmouth Itinerary

Ready to take off on a road trip from Perth and head North? With plenty to explore, a trip along the West coast of Western Australia offers up the perfect mixture of great weather, stunning scenery, exciting wildlife and heaps of opportunity to enjoy the beach and world-heritage reef. It's not called the Coral Coast for nothing!

While you could drive direct from Perth to Exmouth (or the other direction) in about 12 hours, we reckon taking your time and making a few stops along the way is the best way to spend a week or so. It gives you the chance to get familiar with everything this part of Western Australia has in store for visitors, all while you enjoy the freedom that a campervan offers. That means you get to manage when you set off, how often to stop and if you take a detour or two along the way.

We've done the research so that you can focus on getting excited about the prospect of discovering all the best spots to stop along the way. Let us guide you on a sunny seven-day adventure where you'll cruise over 1200kms North of Perth to sunny Exmouth, via plenty of fun spots along the way. You'll have the chance to see everything from famous beaches to pink water and visit not one but two UNESCO Heritage-listed spots, including Ningaloo Reef, where you can have a go at snorkelling with the world's largest fish!

Ready to find out what else is in store on this week-long trip from Perth to Exmouth? Let's get started.


7 days


Perth to Exmouth


Best Time of the Year


  • Swan Valley
  • Coral Coast
  • Monkey Mia
  • Shark Bay

The Journey


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Tourism Western Australia

Day 1

You're starting your journey in the sunniest capital in Australia, Perth! Before you hit the road, pick up the camper at the Mighty Perth branch, and get familiar with all its features. This is going to be your home away from home for the next week.

If you've got some time to explore, why not go for a wander at Kings Park to enjoy the botanical garden displays and maybe learn a thing or two during their free daily walks.

Foodies will enjoy a trip out of the city to Swan Valley, where over 30 wineries offer a variety of tastings, cellar door shopping and lunchtime meals. Don't forget to stock up the fridge in your camper.

If time is on your side, take a detour to Rottnest Island via ferry or plane and have a go at spotting Australia's happiest looking animal, the Quokka. You'll also have the chance to do some whale watching and snorkelling - what a way to kick off your trip!

For your first night, get cozy at Perth Big4 Midland Park, where you'll find modern and comfortable facilities amidst beautiful native gardens. It's conveniently close to those Swan Valley vineyards!

Tourism Western Australia

Day 2
Perth to Kalbarri

Distance 559km - Driving Time 6 hours 10 minutes

Get on the road early and head north towards Kalbarri, a resort town at the mouth of the Murchison River.

On your way, and with about 90 minutes of driving under your belt, stop for a spot of sandboarding or quad biking in Lancelin, home of the biggest sand dunes in Western Australia. It's also a great spot to grab a bite and some coffees or have a go at surfing or jet skiing. Whatever you do, give yourself a break from the road and relax!

From Lancelin, Kalbarri is about 5 hours up the road, so get ready for a bit of a drive in your home on wheels. Remember, you're in charge of when you stop, so if you see something interesting or need to stretch your legs, go for it! The good news is that Kalbarri has plenty of activities and spots to get you excited for your visit.

Give the Kalbarri Skywalk a go, and find yourself standing above a deep gorge-good if you can handle heights! Otherwise, head to the Blue Holes beach to swim in protected waters or simply explore the rock pools for a close-up view of the local marine life. While you're in the area, head to the famous Pink Lake, featured in some world-famous fashion shoots (and on your Instagram feed, asap!).

Don't miss a chance to enjoy the super fresh seafood at Finlay's, and make sure you sample their beer from the on-site brewery. An excellent easy way to wrap up day two, right?

Spend the night at Kalbarri Anchorage Park and try to nab yourself a riverside park so you can wake up with a view.

Tourism Western Australia

Day 3
Kalbarri to Shark Bay

Distance 373km - Driving Time 3 hours 45 minutes

It's time to visit a UNESCO heritage site at Australia's largest bay, Shark Bay. You're about to see some of the most stunning beaches Western Australia has to offer.

Today's drive is about 3 hours non-stop. We recommend getting on the road early to give yourself a chance to see the Monkey Mia dolphins that feed early in the day on your way to Shark Bay.

Marine enthusiasts and history buffs alike will be impressed to see the 3.5 billion-year-old living fossil Stromatolites at Hamelin Pool.

Once you've had the chance to grab a coffee, head out for a dip in the water and give diving a go at Shark Bay. You might spot a shark or two, but during certain times of the year, you'll have the chance to spot a wide variety of other marine life, including whales and dolphins.

Settle in for the night at the Shark Bay Caravan Park, just five minutes from the beach or 20 minutes from Monkey Mia if you missed the Dolphins last time. Set an early alarm if you're going to back-track!

Tourism Western Australia

Day 4
Kalbarri to Coral Bay

Distance 557km - Driving Time 5 hours 33 minutes

Five hours drive away is a special slice of paradise. Visit Coral Bay for its white-sand beaches and epic fishing spots. Visitors heading to Coral Bay between June and November might see humpback whales from the shore, while trips between March and May are during the Whale Shark season.

Sit back and relax today; you deserve it! Park yourself on the beach with a good book, and park the camper at the oceanfront at Peoples Park. Then, prepare for an action-packed day at Ningaloo Reef tomorrow.

Tourism Western Australia

Day 5
Coral Bay to Ningaloo Reef

Distance 152km - Driving Time 1 hour 34 minutes

Another day, another UNESCO heritage site. Just a short 1 hour drive up the road today, and you'll find yourself at the Ningaloo Reef, home to some of the world's most unique marine life.

Try out a glass-bottom boat tour or go for a dip at the beach, where you only have to swim (or snorkel) for a few moments to see the tropical fish and coral. If you're up for it, get a little deeper and go for a swim with the world's largest fish, a whale shark.

Fancy taking to the skies? Book in a scenic flight over the Ningaloo Reef to see why it gained world heritage status.

Rest up after a busy day at the Ningaloo Caravan Park and get ready to head into Exmouth tomorrow.

Tourism Western Australia

Day 6
Ningaloo Reef to Exmouth

Distance 157km - Driving Time 2 hours

On your final day of heading north, get behind the wheel for just under 2 hours and head to Exmouth.

If you're craving some more natural beauty, take a detour and visit Cape Range National Park. Hit the walking tracks, or check out Turquoise Bay beach for snorkelling or swimming. While you're in the national park, you might spot emus and red kangaroos as well as hundreds of varieties of native plants.

Closer to Exmouth, drop into the Jurabi Turtle Centre to learn about how the turtles' nest and hatch and even get to witness new hatchlings emerge at specific points of the year!

With so many beaches on offer in the area, why not check out Town Beach for a stroll with a coffee and a swim. It's super close to the centre of town and is an excellent spot for fishing, windsurfing or sailing, meaning there is something for everyone.

While you're in town, stop in for a meal and locally brewed beer at the Froth Craft Brewery, a popular coffee spot, and a music venue. You might even catch a gig, if you're lucky!

Park up for the night at the modern and comfortable Exmouth Holiday Park. As you get towards the end of our trip, use their facilities, including a washing room for your laundry. Make sure you get a good night's sleep before a mammoth drive tomorrow.

Tourism Western Australia

Day 7
Exmouth to Perth

Distance 1247km - Driving Time 12 hours 45 minutes

Today is your final day, and it's a long one—Head south towards Perth for a total drive time of around 12 hours.

Break up your trip by driving about 4 hours to stop in Carnarvon for lunch at Harbourside Cafe. If you're up for a detour, stop by and see the blowholes in Quobba on your way through.

As you drive back towards Perth, ensure you take plenty of breaks and switch drivers if possible. Once you arrive, you can say sayonara to your campervan by dropping it back at the Mighty Perth branch where you picked it up.

Ready to explore the Coral Coast?

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