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Things To Do in Tasmania

Tasmania is an island state of Australia best known for having the world's cleanest air, beautiful scenery, unique wildlife and rich cultural history. If that wasn’t enough, it is also home to some of the best gourmet food and wines that Australia has to offer. If you are looking for a great way to experience this southern island state of Australia, consider hiring a campervan. Whether you are a backpacker looking to experience van life, a solo traveller looking for a convenient travel option, or simply looking for a great way to save money on your upcoming family holiday, a driving holiday really is the best way to experience this true Australian gem. To help you prepare, we have put together this guide to the best things to do in Tasmania.

What you need to know about travelling in Tasmania

As the most southerly point of Australia, things like weather and so on vary quite dramatically to the mainland. As such, it’s important to be aware of differences in what to pack, best times to travel and so on. Here are some of our top tips for a campervan adventure in Tasmania:

The weather in Tasmania

The Tasmanian climate and weather can be largely temperamental, as Tasmania is positioned by the Southern Ocean. Tasmanian temperatures are typically cooler than other parts of Australia, with temperatures in summer varying between 17. - 23°C and winter temperatures varying between 3 - 11°C.

The roads in Tasmania

Tasmania is known as Australia’s wild state. With over 40% of the island being protected forests and reserves it is no wonder why! However, this does mean the road conditions vary depending on where you travel to. Here are a few things to consider when driving on Tasmanian roads:

  • You may encounter some gravel roads so be aware (especially on the west coast)
  • Drive at a safe speed, research the driving conditions ahead of you and adhere to all the Tasmania road rules
  • If travelling in the camper with kids, ensure you have the right car seats
  • Be careful of animals on the road, as Tasmania is known for high amounts of roadkill. In order to reduce this possibility and protect wildlife, drive slower at night, and honk your horn to scare animals off the road
  • Make sure you keep track of any road closures that may result in detours

With a little planning and consideration, driving around Tasmania can be a breeze.

What to pack for Tasmania

When travelling in Tasmania it’s important to come prepared. Tasmania’s cooler climate and southerly location, goes hand in hand with the quickly changing weather. On any given day (depending on the season), you may experience rainy weather, wind, and sunny blue skies. Plus, with so many incredible hikes and outdoor activities, you want to come prepared. Some essentials to pack for a Tasmanian road trip itinerary, include:

  • Wet weather gear: This is especially important if visiting during the winter (Puffer jackets are a staple for Tasmanian winters!)
  • Sun protection: Bring sunscreen, hats and sun protection to stay protected when outdoors. Even on cloudy days, the UV rays in Tasmania can still damage your skin
  • Swimwear and beach gear: There are many beautiful swimming spots and beaches in Tasmania so this is a must
  • Bring layers: Tasmania weather is known to change rapidly, so it pays to bring layers that you can chuck on top or remove easily
  • Outdoor gear for exploring: This can include a water bottle, hiking boots and a daypack
  • First aid kit: In case of emergencies it pays to be prepared, especially if you plan on doing a lot of outdoor activities

Things to do in Tasmania on a budget

Tasmania, the land of wild spaces, offers travellers plenty of things to do on a budget. Here are some of the top things to do in Tasmania on a budget:

Hike up Mount Wellington

Mount Wellington is located in the heart of Hobart, and offers fantastic views overlooking the city. Beyond the stunning views, there are a host of walking trails and mountain biking trails to explore.

  • Things to do: Bushwalking trails, mountain biking trails, check out the organ pipes
  • Cost: Free


Marvel at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

TMAG is Tasmania’s leading heritage organisation. Part museum, part art gallery and part herbarium - this gallery offers endless ways to explore the heritage and culture of Tasmania.

  • Things to do: Explore the frequently updating exhibitions, courtyard cafe, family activities and events
  • Cost: Free

Get amongst nature at the Botanical Gardens

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens offers 14 hectares of stunning landscapes that encapsulate the essence of Tasmania’s wilderness - the perfect family day out!

  • Things to do: Join a free walking tour, enjoy a meal at the Succulent Restaurant on site
  • Cost: Gold coin donation

Grab a bite to eat at Salamanca Market

Salamanca Market is a quintessential Tasmanian experience. These vibrant and eclectic markets have everything from live music, to fresh eats, produce, artesian goods and more.

  • Things to do: Grab some breakfast or lunch, stock up on french produce, admire handmade crafts and gift ideas
  • Cost: Free entry

Salamanca Market_Tourism Tasmania Visual Library.pngImage Source: Tourism Tasmania Visual Gallery

Take a look around the Historic Battery Point

Historic Battery Point maritime village is a key player in Tasmania’s history. Filled with antique shops, bookstores and heritage museums, this is perfect for history buffs and curious travellers alike.

  • Things to do: Join a free walking tour and visit the heritage museum
  • Cost: Free

For more ideas on travelling Tasmania on a budget, check out our guide to how much to budget for a 2-week campervan trip.

Things to do in Tasmania with kids

Travelling with kids in a campervan in Tasmania is such a breeze. With only a grand total of five hours from the north to the south, it makes it a perfect family friendly destination. Here are some of the top things to do in Tasmania with kids:

Enjoy the animals at Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary

Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary is a conservation based sanctuary for native wildlife. This is the perfect place to see some of the Tasmanian local fauna like the Tasmanian devil up close and personal.

  • Things to do: Join one of the free daily interactive tours
  • Cost: $28 general admission

Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary_Tourism Tasmania Visual Library.pngImage Source: Tourism Tasmania Visual Gallery

Get adventurous at Hollybank Treetops Adventure

Just 20 minutes from Launceston, is the adventure hub of Hollybank Treetops Adventures. They have a range of activities, including ziplines, segway tours, tree rope courses and mountain biking tours!

  • Things to do: Join a treetop ropes course, go ziplining, try mountain biking and more
  • Cost: $49 - $60

Go on a Penguin Tour

Low head is home to a unique species of penguins unique to Australia (and our New Zealand neighbours). Low Head Penguin Tours are the perfect way to see these 30 cm tall flightless seabirds in their homes on land.

  • Things to do: Join a penguin tour
  • Cost: $40 per person

Splash and swim at Coningham Beach

Coningham Beach is a locals secret just a stone’s throw from Hobart. With the native plants fringing the pristine empty beach, it’s a must do for any Tasmania road trip.

  • Things to do: Go for a swim, build sandcastles and enjoy your other favourite beach activities
  • Cost: Free

Coningham Beach_Tourism Tasmania Visual Library.pngImage Source: Tourism Tasmania Visual Gallery


Things to do in Tasmania in nature

Tasmania is nothing if not the ideal nature escape. Here are some of the best things to do in Tasmania in nature:

Explore Cataract Gorge Reserve

Cataract Gorge Reserve is another beauty just minutes from central Launceston. Set on the South Esk River, this reserve features walking tracks, a swimming pool, a cafe and stunning native wildlife.

  • Things to do: Ride the world’s longest single-span chairlift, go on a walking tour, and explore thousands of varieties of native flora
  • Cost: Free

Discover Tasman National Park

Tasman National Park is known for its towering sea cliffs, spectacular forests and rock formations - the perfect nature escape.

  • Things to do: Bushwalking along the Three Capes Track, wildlife spotting, shorter coastal walks, and visit some of Australia’s highest cliffs
  • Cost: Free (however must pay for a parks pass)

Tasman National Park_Tourism Tasmania Visual Library.pngImage Source: Tourism Tasmania Visual Gallery

Visit Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs

Hastings Caves and Thermal Springs are located two hours outside Hobart, in the Huon Valley. This fascinating and ancient ecosystem is like none other. Soak up the wild side of Tasmania as you walk amongst the stalagmites, and soak in the temperate waters of the thermal pools.

  • Things to do: Join a cave tour or go for a swim in the thermal pools
  • Cost: $24 for a cave tour and $5 for hot spring entry

Admire Russell Falls at Mount Field National Park

Mount Field National Park is one of Tasmania’s oldest parks and home to world’s tallest eucalypt trees and the beautiful three-tier Russell Falls.

  • Things to do: Go bushwalking, enjoy a lunch at the picnic areas, explore Lake Dawson, and adventure up to Mount Mawson ski field
  • Cost: Free (but must have a parks pass)

Things to do in Tasmania in Spring

Best known for its longer, warmer days and fresh cool nights, spring is a special season in Tasmania. Tis’ the season for animal breeding and blooming gardens. Here are some of the essential things to do in Tasmania in spring:

Attend the Bloomin’ Tulips Festival

Bloomin’ Tulips Festival is the perfect way to welcome in spring. Alongside the varieties of tulips on display, there are a range of crafts, art, cooking lessons and more to explore.

  • Things to do: Food, drinks, music, tulips for sale and more
  • Cost: Free entry

See baby echidna at Tasmania Zoo

Tasmania Zoo is a home for unique animals, local fauna and a safe space for injured and orphaned wildlife. Here you can meet the Binturong, Emperor Tamarin and the Tasmanian Devil amongst over 1000 other animals.

  • Things to do: Meet the latest baby echidna or tasmanian devils
  • Cost: $35 for admission

Go whale watching at Bruny Island

Bruny Island is home to vast coastlines, panoramic walks and world-renowned eateries. You can access this remote island with a 90 minute drive from Hobart to the Bruny Island ferry.

  • Things to do: Join Bruny Cruises for a 3 hour wilderness cruise of Bruny Island
  • Cost: $155

Cloudy Bay, South Bruny National Park_Tourism Tasmania Visual Library.pngImage Source: Tourism Tasmania Visual Gallery

Things to do in Tasmania in Summer

Summer is a top contender for anyone on an Australia road trip in the summer months, but wants to escape the heat. From beautiful beaches to top Australian attractions, here are some of the top things to do in Tasmania in summer:

Pay Bridestowe Lavender Estate a visit

Bridestowe Lavender Estate features 260 acres of lavender farmland – the world’s largest privately owned lavender farm. Here you can roam among the blooming flowers, try a lavender infused ice cream or latte, or join a lavender farm tour!

  • Things to do: Get a lavender ice cream and join a farm tour
  • Cost: $20 for entry

Go for a swim at the Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires is not easily forgotten. The clear blue ocean waters, brilliant white sand and the classic orange speckled rocks, make for the most scenic backdrop to a beach day out!

  • Things to do: Explore the stunning beaches, enjoy a hike, go wildlife spotting
  • Cost: Free

BayofFires_Tourism Tasmania Visual Library.pngImage Source: Tourism Tasmania Visual Gallery

Enjoy flavour sensations at Raspberry Farm Cafe

Raspberry Farm Cafe is a beautiful cafe set on a stunning backdrop of parklands, river and farmland. Featuring breakfast classics as well as raspberry infused options such as raspberry pancakes, Belgian waffles and cheesecakes, this is a must-do for foodies on tour.

  • Things to do: Try one of their raspberry inspired dishes
  • Cost: $13-25


Things to do in Tasmania in Autumn

Autumn is arguably one of the best times to explore Tasmania. Cool crisp mornings, cloudless blue skies and the faint whisper of orange taking over the island as the trees begin to turn. If you’re planning a driving holiday in Autumn, here are some of the top things to do in Tasmania:

Explore world-class wineries

Tasmania’s unique cooler climate makes it a leading class stage for some of Australia’s best cool-climate wines. Pair that with the spectacular scenery of the Tasmanian wineries and you are in for a treat.

Go on a hike in Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park is a magical and diverse park best known for its spectacular hikes and panoramic views. Wineglass Bay is a steep and challenging hike, but well worth the effort – a must-do when visiting this park.

  • Things to do: Hike up to see Wineglass Bay
  • Cost: Free (but must pay for a national parks pass if you don’t already have one)


Freycinet_Tourism Tasmania Visual Library.pngImage Source: Tourism Tasmania Visual Gallery

Things to do in Tasmania in Winter

In winter, Tasmania transforms into a crisp, cool natural wonder. If you’re not adventuring to check out the local ski hills, here are some of the best things to do in Tasmania in winter:

Attend the MONA’s Midwinter Festival

MONA Midwinter Festival is a quirky and salacious celebration of the darkest day of the year. Diving into century old rituals amongst an eclectic mix of art, music, fire, and light experiences and installations, this is an event for open-minded and curious souls.

  • Things to do: Join the winter feast, art, live music, performances and even join the solstice swim
  • Cost: Check this years prices

Go on a tour at Great Oyster Bay

Great Oyster Bay is hands-down one of Australia’s most scenic stretches of water. Sheltered by the surrounding jagged granite peaks and Maria Island in the south, this is also a popular spot for fishing and a perfect ecosystem for local oyster farms.

  • Things to do: Join an Oyster Bay Tours to learn about the oyster farms in the area
  • Cost: Tours start at around $145

The best way to see and do more is with a Mighty camper

Tasmania is one of Australia's hidden gems, and there is really no better way to experience it all than with a driving holiday. Ready to see and do more on your upcoming Tasmanian getaway? Be sure to check out our latest deals and book your Mighty camper today in a branch or online.

For more travel inspiration, as well as tips for a cheap campervan holiday, check out the Mighty blog.