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Everything You Need To Start Planning Your Campervan Roadtrip

Australia is a country of huge diversity, and around every corner, there's a new adventure waiting for you. If you're looking for a way to explore Australia on your terms, there's no better way than with the freedom and flexibility of a Mighty campervan. Pick a start and finish point, and travel at your own speed discovering all the hidden local secrets along the way. To get you started, we've put together all you need to help plan your adventure in Australia, from destination guides to travel tips, to get you out on the road discovering our backyard and ticking off some of Australia's top natural attractions.

15 Mar 2022

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Best Free Camping Spots In WA

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Free camping is good for the soul – wide open spaces, time in nature, sitting by the fire with nothing but stars for company. What could be better than getting your dose of nature on a road trip, knowing you’re not breaking the bank while doing so.
Western Australia is famous for its fertile South West, clear blue coastlines, rugged red north and desert oases. Taking up one-third of the landmass of Australia, with so many places only accessible by road, it is the ultimate...

11 Mar 2022

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How to Stretch Your Travel Budget on your Campervan Holiday

Whether you’re looking to be inspired by the red dirt of the outback or play on the golden sandy beaches of pristine coastlines, there are so many ways to explore Australia while travelling on a budget. Campervan travel is one of the many ways to make your money go further while enjoying all the best that Australia has to offer.
Campers can help your budget go further for so many reasons. For one, staying in caravan parks and campgrounds can be super affordable. Second of all, with a bed and fridge...

9 Mar 2022

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10 Tips For Saving Money on a Family Campervan Holiday

Australia is home to the world’s largest living organism, the oldest culture on earth as well as boasting 19 world heritage listed sites and over 10,000 beaches. It’s no wonder it's such a bucket list destination for a campervan trip. While there are endless incredible things to do in Australia, from cultural attractions, eateries, wineries, sea life tours, and so much more, we believe that seeing the beauty that Australia has to offer shouldn’t have to break the bank.
Family holidays can be just...

28 Jan 2022

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Ultimate Guide To Free Camping In Australia

Itching for your own great Australian adventure? Australia is filled with natural wonders waiting to be explored, and free camping is one way to make the most of the great outdoors while managing your budget and escaping the crowds.
Free camping can be a great way to get off the grid and get in touch with nature. It's the perfect way to spend a couple days in-between stays at caravan parks, campgrounds or holiday parks in popular destinations.
To get to most free camping spots, you'll need to drive...

10 Jun 2021

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4 Great Australian Roadtrip Itineraries

Did you know Australia has over thirty thousand kilometres of coastline? Famed for its stunning tropical beauty, explore and discover your own little slice of summer paradise.
What are you waiting for?! Grab your bathers and get some of the warm summer sand between your toes, the salt spray in your hair, and dig into a big bag of fish and chips. Here's four of our favourite coastal road trips to consider when planning your summer holiday.
The Great Ocean Road
The name says it all, doesn't it? And...

19 Feb 2021

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10 Aussie Camper Adventures Before Turning 30

Taking a campervan across the vast island of Australia is an adventure in its own right. There are barren deserts, vibrant forests or metropolitan playgrounds for you to swing through. There’s so much to do and learn in every state, it can almost be a bit daunting.But don’t worry. You’ve got a great set of wheels, and true blue mateship to back you at every fork. To get you going, we’ve put together this brilliant Aussie Gotta-GO-For-It List. Read up and get on the road already, mate!
1. The Rocks...

8 Apr 2020

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4 Places To Visit In Australia This Autumn

While summer would be the obvious choice to travel in Australia, we at Mighty Campers thought we'd let you into a little secret. Autumn is the new summer for travellers. Why you ask? Well among the benefits are cheaper prices for everything (including our campers), and of course the colours. Possibly an Instagrammers dream, Australia in autumn is vibrant, colourful and a must-see. Here are some of our favourite locations.Perth
Known as the sunniest capital in the world (with over 8 hours a day on...

18 Mar 2020

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10 Awesome Things To Do That Require No Electricity

It's the simple things that make life so great. Sitting around a campfire strumming a guitar with your closest group of friends, laying on the grass on a balmy summer's night gazing up at the stars, the smell of your favourite meal cooking and being with those you care most about.
Notice how none of the simple things in life includes having your mobile device joined at your hip? It's all about connecting with your friends and family, living in the moment and being at one with nature.
So, put away...

10 Mar 2020

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Travelling Australia By Month

Travelling Australia and not sure how to decide your route? Whilst we can guarantee you'll have a great time whenever and wherever you go in Australia, it does help to know the best places to go at which time of year.
JanuaryThe Blue Mountains, NSW
OK, the Blue Mountains are really a magical place to visit any time of year. Named so because of the combination of eucalyptus oil, dust particles and water vapour in the air casting a mystical blue sheen, the Blue Mountains are generally divided into...

8 Mar 2020

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Best Surf Spots In Australia

Whether you're a novice or pro you'll find the waves you're after in Australia. It's blessed with beaches, reefs and point breaks to challenge even the most experienced board-riders. For beginners and the less experienced, there are plenty of easy-rolling swells so you can get out there safely and confidently. If you're learning to surf there are plenty of surf schools all over Australia to help you get out there and amongst it.
With 37,000 km of coastline and 10,685 different beaches, it's no surprise...

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